Micronic Modular Vertical Freezer Rack
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The Micronic Modular Vertical Freezer Rack provides a storage solution for samples into a chest freezer. Simply click the individual rack holders together to a tower of up to 15 holders. This way your valuable samples can be stored in an organized manner. One rack holder has a capacity of a single Roborack-96, Comorack-96, Comorack-24, Arctic Rack-24 or any of the ULT Racks. When using the Loborack-96 with a low cover / Micronic 96-1 Rack, one rack holder fits two Loboracks, providing a space saving storage solution.

Superior features:

  • Fits in all standard chest freezers
  • Lightweight storage system
  • Manufactured from a special material ideal for storage at ultra-low temperatures
  • Compatible with standard storage racks
  • Easy-to-use modular system
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

Freezer Rack
Material: ABS-Polycarbonate
Rack height: 68.0mm
Chemical resistance: +
Temperature range: -80°C to + 80°C

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Modular Vertical Freezer Rack
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