Micronic Freezer Racks

Laboratory Freezer Racks

The Micronic Modular Vertical Freezer Rack provides a storage solution for samples into a chest freezer. Simply click the individual rack holders together to a tower of up to 15 holders. This way, your valuable samples can be stored in an organized manner. One freezer rack holder has a capacity of a single Roborack-96, Comorack-96, Comorack-24, Arctic Rack-24, or any of the ULT Racks. When using the Loborack-96 with a low cover / Micronic 96-1 Rack, one freezer rack holder fits two Loboracks, providing a space-saving storage solution.

Superior features:

  • Fits in all standard chest freezers

  • Lightweight storage system

  • Manufactured from a special material ideal for storage at ultra-low temperatures

  • Compatible with all standard storage racks

  • Easy-to-use modular system

  • Class 7 cleanroom production

  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen-free

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to store storage racks into a freezer, Micronic offers this flexible and low-cost solution that fits standard storage freezers and provides an effective method for racking valuable samples.

Freezer storage racks help laboratory and applied science professionals make efficient use of space in chest, upright, deep, under-counter, and ultra-low temperature freezers. For the secure tracking of your samples, all tubes are available with a laser-etched, 2D Data-Matrix or TraXis code located on the bottom of the tube. The 2D Data-Matrix or TraXis coded tubes can be decoded with 2D code readers: The Tracxer Code Reader can decode 96 tubes within 5 seconds, and the single tube scanner can decode one tube at a time.

The Impact of Cryostorage

Storing samples at extremely low temperatures is associated with the extended viability of those preserved samples. While many samples are stored in mechanical freezers set to -80°C, it’s important to note that the temperature metabolic activity has not ceased, but has only slowed down. By reducing the sample temperatures below the glass transition phase of water, all metabolic activity comes to a halt. Sample storage that is below this temperature (-132°C) — in vapor phase LN2 — assures a safe form of preservation.

Testing shows the Micronic ULT Racks can be used in cryostorage until vapor phase LN2 temperatures, which range between -150°C and -196°C, depending on their location and distance from the liquid nitrogen vessel. Micronic does not recommend storing samples in liquid phase nitrogen, as there is a multitude of risks associated with storing samples in these kinds of storage systems:

  • Storage in LN2 comes with the risk of the tubes being flooded by LN2 when the storage vessel is filled. LN2 could seep inside the tube when not properly capped. LN2 trapped in a cavity expands when the tube is subsequently retrieved into room temperature, posing a substantial explosion risk. No manufacturer can guarantee that LN2 will never penetrate any tube during storage.

  • Laboratory professionals should be aware of potential cross-contamination that retains infectivity after suspension in LN2.

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