Vitl Ther-Mix
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The Ther-Mix from Vitl allows you to create and store your own mixing profiles with multiple mixing and heating steps through the easy-to-use LCD touch-screen. When combined with Vitl's intuitive Heated Modules, the Ther-mix allows you to accurately mix and heat samples with ease. 

The Ther-Mix requires at least one Heated Module which are sold separately.

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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
V102001 Vitl Ther-Mix 1 unit 1 Offer
V104002 HM02: 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104003 HM03: 2.0mL MicrocentrifugeTube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104004 HM04: 15mL Conical Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104005 HM05: 50mL Conical Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104006 HM06: 96 Well 0.15mL PCR Plate 1 unit 1 Offer
V104007 HM07: 96 Well 0.25mL PCR Plate 1 unit 1 Offer
V104009 HM09: 96 Well 0.2mL PCR Tube 1 unit 1 Offer