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Irish Life Sciences

Irish Life Sciences specializes in manufacturing high-quality scientific consumables for research, drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and forensics. They prioritize building relationships through openness, quality, high service standards, and flexibility.
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About Irish Life Sciences

Irish Life Sciences, known for its commitment to quality and service, is a leading supplier of scientific consumables worldwide. With over 15 years of experience in life science and medical device production, Irish Life Sciences has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry. Their range of products, manufactured under strict quality requirements, includes storage and assay plate components used in various scientific applications.

At Irish Life Sciences, customer satisfaction is paramount. Their team is dedicated to actively listening and collaborating with customers to meet their specific requirements. This commitment to excellence extends to their production facilities, which feature state-of-the-art equipment and cleanrooms to ensure the highest quality standards.

Irish Life Sciences takes pride in its flexibility, quality systems, and commitment to working with customers on specialist applications. Their ongoing investment in people, equipment, and facilities demonstrates their dedication to growth and providing exceptional products and services. We are confident and trust Irish Life Sciences for innovative, high-quality scientific consumables that meet and exceed your expectations.

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0 36ml round wells v bottom

0.36ml 96 Round Wells V Bottom

With a working volume of 0.36ml, this round well v-bottom plate is ideal for maximum…
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0 40ml round wells u bottom

0.40ml 96 Round Wells Round Bottom

High uniformity from well to well with this .40ml round well, round bottom…
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1 0ml 96 square wells low profile

1.0ml 96 Square Well U Bottom

This 1.0ml deepwell plate from Irish Life Sciences has minimal remaining volume…
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Irish life sciences 0002s 0001 1 0ml round rimmed top

1.0ml 96 Round Well U Bottom

These reliable deepwell plates from Irish Life Sciences have a working volume of 1.0ml and…
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2 2ml 96 well square wells

2.2ml 96 Square Wells Round Bottom

This deepwell storage plate has a maximum volume of 2.2ml. Easy to stack, reliable high…
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Irish life sciences 0000s 0001 10ml 24 wells 10s24 318v top

10.0ml 24 Square Well V Bottom

Maximum Volume of 10.0ml. Square well with ‘V’ bottom for maximum liquid…
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12 channel liquid

12 Channel Reagent Reservoir

Made from virgin polypropylene, these reservoir trays are low profile design…
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384 well reservoir res

384 Channel Troughs Reagent Reservoir

Made from virgin polypropylene, these reservoir trays are low profile design…
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96 well reservoir

96 Channel Troughs Reagent Reservoir

Made from virgin polypropylene, these reservoir trays are low profile design…
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Irishlifesciencesadhesivesealingfilm SF400 01

Adhesive Sealing Film

Secure your samples with this translucent, adhesive sealing film from Irish Life Sciences.
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Irishlifesciencesthermalsealingfilm SF401 01

Thermal Sealing Film

For storage and PCR. ILS seals are manufactured under strict quality…
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96roundsealingmat irishlifesciences

96 Round Well Silicone Sealing Mat

This 96 format round well mat can be punctured and is great for use with…
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Irishlifesciencesreagentbottle Bot1000 387c 04

Reagent Bottles

ILS Reagent Bottles are suitable for storage, transportation and packing of liquid, with uniform…
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2 0ml square well

2.0ml 96 Square Well U Bottom

Pure, virgin polypropylene guarantees good extractible performance, high…
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1 1 R96 014 ULP

1.1mL Round Well 'U' Bottom

This plate has a height of 27mm which maximizes laboratory and automation plate storage space.…
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8 channel V bottom, single well reagent reservoir - 290mL

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