AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation

SKU: MP9604
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The AutoMATE™ 96 from Accuris Instruments is a fully automated, high throughput liquid handling workstation that improves productivity when filling microplates. Capable of dispensing up to 96 channels simultaneously, the AutoMATE 96 significantly reduces the processing time and errors associated with manual pipetting.

The included tablet features an intuitive app for programming and operation. Unlike many 96-well pipetting stations, the AutoMATE 96 is “hands-free”, with motorized tip loading/ejection and a four-position, automated, sliding platform that precisely aligns the tips with the appropriate microplate/reservoir. Once programmed, the instrument can run protocols to completion without any manual positioning or adjustment.

Three interchangeable heads allow for a pipetting range from 1.0µL to 1000µL. The AutoMATE 96 is compact enough to fit onto a standard lab bench or into a biosafety cabinet.

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  • Fast and accurate 96-channel pipetting

  • Accepts 96/384 well microplates, PCR plates, and reservoirs.

  • Touch-screen tablet for programming & operation

  • 4-position motorized platform

  • Exchangeable pipette heads (1-20µL, 5-200µL, 100-1000µL)

MP9604AutoMATE™ 96 Channel Pipetting Station, 115V (head not included)
MP9604-EAutoMATE™ 96 Channel Pipetting Station, 230V (head not included)
MP9600-20PHPipetting head for AutoMATE™, 1-20ul
MP9600-200PHPipetting head for AutoMATE™, 5-200ul
MP9600-1000PHPipetting head for AutoMATE™, 100-1000ul
MP96-T20-LRAutoMATE™ Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 20ul Low Retention, 24/cs
MP96-T20-LRFSAutoMATE™ STERILE Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 20ul Filtered, Low Retention, 24/cs
MP96-T200-LRAutoMATE™ Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 200ul Low Retention, 24/cs
MP96-T200-LRFSAutoMATE™ STERILE Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 200ul Filtered, Low Retention, 24/cs
MP96-T1000-LRAutoMATE™ Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 1000ul Low Retention, 16/cs
MP96-T1000-LRFSAutoMATE™ STERILE Pipette tips, racked 96 well, 1000ul Filtered, Low Retention, 16/cs
MP96-RSVAutoMATE™ Reagent reservoir, 195mL, pack of 1


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