VistaLab Technologies

VistaLab™ Technologies, now a part of CELLTREAT® Scientific Products, specializes in innovative lab products designed to improve productivity and ergonomics. With a focus on sustainability, VistaLab™ offers high-quality, eco-friendly solutions that optimize lab efficiency.

About VistaLab Technologies

Founded in 1957 as Medical Laboratory Automation, Inc. (MLA®), VistaLab™ Technologies has a rich history of innovation in the lab equipment industry. Acquired by CELLTREAT® Scientific Products in 2022, VistaLab™ continues its legacy of developing user-friendly and affordable labware.

The merger with CELLTREAT® has enabled VistaLab™ to enhance its product offerings, blending their innovative designs with CELLTREAT®'s manufacturing expertise. This collaboration has resulted in improved productivity, workflow, and ergonomics on the lab bench, offering researchers and clinicians high-quality solutions.

Committed to sustainability, VistaLab™ designs its products with eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that they contribute to a greener future. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality management, VistaLab™ is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement and innovation.

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Precision MLA Pipette


Micro D-Tipper MLA Pipette


MLA Digital Pipette


Electronic Single Channel (ESC) Ovation® Pipette


Electronic Multichannel (E8 & E12) Ovation® Pipette

1057 0999 Ovation QS 3 piece Set 2 2

Quick Set Digital Volume Adjust Ovation® Pipette

These Quick Set Digital Volume Adjust (QS) Ovation Pipettes from VistaLabs have superior…