Mawi DNA Technologies, founded in 2013, specializes in innovative biosample collection solutions. Their flagship product, the iSWAB® collection device, simplifies genomics and proteomics workflows by ensuring sample integrity at room temperature. They are dedicated to advancing biosampling methods globally.


Mawi DNA Technologies is a pioneer in biosample collection, revolutionizing the field with their iSWAB® technology. Founded in 2013, Mawi has quickly become a global leader in non-invasive sample collection, aiming to simplify genomics and proteomics workflows for researchers worldwide.

The iSWAB® collection device is designed to overcome common issues in biosample collection, such as low DNA recovery, high bacterial content, and excessive resampling costs. This innovative device allows for the release of captured cells from any swab into a proprietary lysis and stabilizing buffer, ensuring sample integrity and ease of transport.

Mawi's mission is to uphold sample integrity from anywhere in the world at room temperature, enabling true sample diversity across any geography or population segment. The iSWAB® collection system is optimized for both manual and automated sample preparation, making it a versatile and efficient tool for research laboratories. Experience the future of biosampling with Mawi DNA Technologies.

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