96 well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates

Artikelnummer: A96-607CSB
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These 96 Well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates are your workhorse for attaching large biomolecules in research settings. The clear polystyrene construction allows for easy visualization of your samples throughout your experiment. Each well boasts a flat bottom design and a generous capacity of 350µL, providing ample space for your samples and reagents. These plates excel in applications like ELISA and RIA due to their untreated polystyrene surface. This surface facilitates passive binding of biomolecules, making them particularly suitable for immobilizing large molecules with hydrophobic regions, such as antibodies.

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96 well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates Features

These 96 Well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates hold immense value across various research applications. From immobilization of biomolecules, like antibodies, to running immunoassays such as ELISA and RIA, these versatile plates can be a cornerstone in your research endeavors. Additionally, they are suitable for culturing adherent cells and other applications that necessitate a non-treated polystyrene surface.

  • Crystal-Clear Polystyrene: Visualize your samples with exceptional clarity throughout your experiment, ensuring you stay informed on every step of the process.
  • Untreated Surface for Passive Attachment: The untreated polystyrene surface is optimized for passive binding of large biomolecules, streamlining your workflow for immobilization.
  • Flat Bottom Design for Versatility: The flat bottom design offers adaptability for various research laboratory applications.
  • Ample Well Volume: With a capacity of 350µL per well, these plates provide ample space to accommodate your samples and reagents comfortably.
  • Economical Pack Size: Get the plates you need without unnecessary extras. These microplates come in packs of 25, ensuring you have the supplies on hand for your research.
  • Lid Compatibility (Sold Separately): Find the perfect lid to match your experiment's needs. While lids are sold separately, these plates are designed to work seamlessly with compatible lids for enhanced protection and reduced evaporation.

Technical Features and Considerations:

  • Crafted from high-grade polystyrene, these plates ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to chemicals commonly encountered in laboratory settings.
  • Designed to conform to standard microplate dimensions and footprint, these plates integrate effortlessly into your existing automated equipment for streamlined workflows.
  • It's important to note that these plates are non-sterile.

Maximize Your Research Potential:

To elevate your research to the next level, consider pairing these 96 Well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates with compatible lids (sold separately). Lids offer a valuable solution for safeguarding your samples from contamination, minimizing evaporation, and simplifying handling during your experiments.

Invest in your research success! Get your 96 Well 350µL Clear Solid Bottom Microplates today. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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