AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation

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The AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation revolutionizes liquid handling in laboratories. This automated workstation supports 96/384 well microplates, PCR plates, and reservoirs. It offers fast and accurate 96-channel pipetting, a user-friendly touch-screen tablet for programming, and a 4-position motorized platform. With interchangeable pipette heads ranging from 1-1000µL and hands-free operation, the AutoMATE™ 96 ensures precise and efficient pipetting for diverse lab applications.

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AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation Features

The AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation offers a seamless solution for high-throughput liquid handling tasks in laboratories. Designed to enhance research efficiency, this workstation features fast and accurate 96-channel pipetting, accepting various microplates, PCR plates, and reservoirs. With its touch-screen tablet, programming and operating the workstation is intuitive and user-friendly.

One of the standout features of the AutoMATE™ 96 is its 4-position motorized platform, which allows for precise positioning and alignment of tips with microplates and reservoirs. This automation significantly reduces processing time and errors associated with manual pipetting.

The workstation comes with three exchangeable pipette heads, accommodating a wide range of volumes from 1-20µL, 5-200µL, to 100-1000µL. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications in molecular biology, drug discovery, and more. The compact design of the AutoMATE™ 96 allows it to fit easily on a standard lab bench or within a biosafety cabinet, saving valuable space in the laboratory.

Pipetting Modes:

Standard Pipetting: Aspirating and dispensing reagents by hand is labor-intensive and error prone. With the AutoMATE 96, reagents can be aspirated and dispensed automatically, ensuring accurate and precise transfer to and from microplates or reservoirs.

Multi-Dispensing (Repeat Pipetting): Continually filling microplates is a time-consuming process that can often result in hand fatigue. With the Multi-Dispensing function, repeatedly filling microplates can be automated and accomplished quickly without introducing hand strain or fatigue.

Secondary-Dispensing (Plate Filling): Many protocols and applications call for filling a plate with multiple samples or reagents. With the AutoMATE 96, multiple reagents can be aspirated and dispensed into the same microplate. For improved results, each dispense can be programmed to be include a mixing step.

Serial Dilutions: Performing serial dilutions via manual methods is labor-intensive and error prone. Errors in this process will amplify subsequent dilutions as the process continues. With the AutoMATE 96, serial dilutions can be performed automatically and error free.

Mixing: Mixing reagents by hand is strenuous and can be inconsistent. With the AutoMATE 96, mixing can be performed automatically with adjustable speeds, ensuring consistency.

Reverse Pipetting: When the accuracy of pipetting volume is critical, the AutoMATE 96 can be set to reverse pipetting mode. This technique greatly improves accuracy &precision with small volumes of biological fluids.

Software and Programming:

The AutoMATE™ 96 offers two operating modes for added flexibility. In Manual Mode, you can perform operations quickly and efficiently by selecting each function individually. In Automated Program Mode, you can create and run complex protocols with the touch of a button, from tip-loading through completion.

Broad Labware Compatibility: This liquid handling workstation is compatible with all brands of microplates and reservoirs meeting SLAS/ANSI formats, providing flexibility for different laboratory setups. The included PCR Plate Adapter and 384 Well Plate Adapter expand the range of applications you can perform with the AutoMATE™ 96.

Overall, the AutoMATE™ 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation is a reliable and efficient tool that enhances the productivity of your laboratory, allowing you to focus more on your research and less on manual pipetting tasks.

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