MDZ Automation LLC specializes in affordable, user-friendly laboratory automation solutions, including liquid handlers and robotic stations. With over 20 years of experiences, MDZ high-quality instruments designed to improve efficiency and productivity in research settings.

About MDZ

MDZ Automation LLC is a leading provider of innovative laboratory automation solutions, dedicated to advancing scientific research and technology. With a focus on user-friendly design and affordability, MDZ Automation offers a range of liquid handlers and robotic stations tailored to meet the diverse needs of the scientific community.

Founded by Eng. Mariano Ghiretti, a seasoned expert in electronic product design and automation, MDZ Automation combines cutting-edge technology with extensive industry knowledge. Their instruments are designed to streamline laboratory processes, reduce human errors, and enhance productivity, allowing researchers to focus on their work with confidence.

MDZ Automation's commitment to excellence is evident in their mission to deliver reliable, cost-effective products that contribute to the future of technology and research. Whether for small companies, large corporations, universities, or research centers, MDZ Automation provides solutions that optimize efficiency and ensure consistent, reliable results.

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Argenta 96384

Argenta 96/384

Save time and remove human error with consistent and reproducible pipetting and…


An advanced robotic station from MDZ Automation. All the features of the Argenta model with a…
Htf plate dispenser

HTF Plate Dispenser

The HTF-96 is a high throughput Plate Dispenser System used to fill microplates.…