HTF Plate Dispenser

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The HTF-96 is a high throughput Plate Dispenser System used to fill microplates. Repetitively and accurately dispense a variety of reagents. Just fill the reservoir tubes with the desired reagent and start filling thousands of microplates!

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The HTF uses a friendly touch screen controller, allowing the user to create and save protocols. Multiple process variables are shown on screen for system operation.

A variety of accessories like plate stackers, barcode readers, microplate printers and analytical balances can be used with the dispenser in high throughput applications.


  • 10uL to several mL dispense volume range.
  • Ultra fast dispense times! (35 milliseconds approx. for 10uL watery viscosity reagent)
  • Extremely easy to use and operate.
  • Integration with plate stackers, label printers, analytical balances and advance robotic systems available.
  • Used of modern electronics and digitally controlled.
  • Advanced linear algorithm that automatically compensates for liquid level height in the reagent tubes to increase precision and accuracy during the entire dispense run.
  • Filled plate counter and reagent tube remaining volume to keep track of instrument use and activity.
  • Many safeguards have been implemented to monitor air pressure and process variables to guarantee there are no leaks or other problems that affect the plate filling.
  • User programs or protocols can be saved and retrieved for future use.
  • Advanced control algorithm with independent dispense pressure and dispense time adjustment for accurate and repetitive plate fillings.
  • Seamless, no welds, stainless steel pressurized container. No bacteria grow and easy cleaning.
  • Use of draw latches to open/close the pressurized container for faster and easier access to reservoirs rack.
  • Large reservoir tubes available in 100mL and 200mL, with open end or autoclavable screw caps.
  • Small footprint.
  • Made in USA

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