CELLTREAT Scientific Products

CELLTREAT Scientific Products specializes in manufacturing high-quality laboratory plastic consumables with user-friendly features, enhancing research efficiency and performance.


We supply CELLTREAT Scientific Products, a leading manufacturer of laboratory plastic consumables. CELLTREAT specializes in producing high-quality products designed to improve research efficiency and performance, all while offering significant cost savings compared to alternative brands.

One of CELLTREAT's key focuses is on user-friendly features, making their products easier to handle and use in laboratory settings. They are committed to providing personalized service, ensuring that each customer receives the attention and support they need.

CELLTREAT is constantly striving for improvement, regularly challenging themselves to exceed customer expectations. Their dedication to excellence and innovation makes them a valuable choice for laboratory professionals seeking high-quality, cost-effective consumables.

Explore Our CELLTREAT Products

BLK283 600x424

LTS Fit Tips

LTS style pipette tips are uniquely designed to pair with pipettes featuring LTS…
Ali Q 2 series lg

ali-Q™ 2 Pipet Controller

The ali-Q™ 2 Pipet Controller compact and versatile 2-in-1 controller combines the convenience…
IMG517 Pipet Controller Manual

Manual Pipet Controller

This Manual Pipet Controller from CELLTREAT is a great addition to any lab. The squeeze bulb…
Cell Scrapers

Cell Scrapers

CELLTREAT's Cell Scrapers are designed to gently harvest cells from tissue…
Cell Lifters

Cell Lifters

CELLTREAT's Unique double end design features a 19mm beveled edge flat blade on…
Transport tubes 2

Transport Tubes

IMG660 2 20µ L Pipette

Adjustable Pipettes

These Adjustable Pipettes from CELLTREAT are high precision adjustable pipettes with an…
IMG476 Lab Grab

Lab Grab

CELLTREAT's Lab Grab allows hands-free and easy…
IMG548 Lab Timer Front

Multi-Function Timer

CELLTREAT's Multi-Function Timer includes a timer, stopwatch, clock and alarm, along with an…
IMG360 Pipet Storage Rack

Pipet Storage Rack

CELLTREAT's Durable ABS plastic rack can stand on flat surfaces as well as be attached to the…
BLK012 Inoculating Loops Needle Spreader

Inoculating Loop

CELLTREAT's Inoculating Loops are flexible for easy access to small volume…
IMG312 Inoculating Needle

Inoculating Needle

CELLTREAT's Inoculating Needle is flexible for easy access to…
IMG651 Beaker Assorted


Beakers from CELLTREAT are made from a Polypropylene material that is resistant to a…
BLK189 B Syringe Filter Family Condensed

Syringe Filters Bulk Packed

Syringe Filters from CELLTREAT are molded in the polypropylene housings, providing a reliable…
IMG210 1 5m L MCT Black

Macro Centrifuge Tubes

The convenience of a micro centrifuge tube with the ability to process sample volumes up to…
IMG509 1 5m L Micro Tube Only Conical Graduated

Micro Centrifuge Tubes (Sterile)

Available in black for light sensitive samples!
IMG318 150m L Filter System 0 45um

Filter Systems

CELLTREAT's Filter Systems are made from a Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane that…
IMG425 3 6m L Cryogenic Vial Internal RB

Freeze Cryogenic Vials (Internal Thread)

IMG436 4 5m L Cryogenic Vial External SS

Freeze Cryogenic Vials (External Thread)

Celltreat 96well pcr plate

96Well PCR Plate

This 96 Well PCR Plate from CELLTREAT is made from Virgin Polypropylene which…
BLK198 Polycarbonate Centrifuge Bottle Family

Centrifuge Bottles

Centrifuge Bottles from CELLTREAT have a rigid body for low to moderate speed centrifugation of…
BLK028 600x600

Treated Cell Culture Dishes

CELLTREAT's Tissue Culture Treated Dishes have a thicker and more durable…
IMG297 15m L Bio Reaction Tube

15 & 50mL Bio-Reaction Tubes

IMG634 B Automatic Pipet Controller

Automatic Pipet Controller

The Automatic Pipet Controller from CELLTREAT is an electronic pipet controller…