Ritter Ripette genX

With Ritter Ripette genX you have control over the selection of tips; by inputting the required volume dose and the required aliquot number you will receive a proposal for the selection of the best tip. At preselected tip sizes, the menu allows you to choose corresponding aliquots and dosing volumes. 

Superior features:

  • Self-controlled tip-selection: by entering the required dosage-volume and the desired aliquot-number, you will receive a proposal for the optimum tip-selection.
  • With pre-selected tip-size, the menu offers you the choice of the corresponding aliquots and the dosage volume.
  • Depending on your individual application, you will find an easy decision between the highest possible precision and the largest repetition for the desired dosage volume.
  • Volume range from 1µl to 50.000 µl
  • The patented motor guarantees highest precision and reliability.
  • Smooth change of the consumables due to electronic tip ejection
  • By using the ritips ®professional the highest accuracy due to the newly designed tips is guaranteed .
  • Routine-applications are easy to handle due to the low weight and the oustanding ergonomics.
  • The precision-plunger offers a safe and contamination free dispensing.
  • The speed adjustment allows you to manage the working-process efficiently.
  • Excellent value for money
  • The integrated charging indicator shows the charge of the batterie.
  • The direct charging option enables dispensing while in charge.
  • The charging process is microprocessor controlled.
  • Usage of the stand ensures a long lifetime of the battery and provides a ready-touse ripette genX at any time.
  • A batch-corresponding certificate is available on request.
  • LOT-No. on each packaging unit.

Operating modes: 

  • dispensing with tip-selection
  • dispensing with preselected tip-size

Extra options

  • Comes with adapter
  • Comes with adapter and support

For more information please contact us via sales@diaago.com

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