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Would you like to make small volumes of storage and use of individual tubes in a 96-well configuration? The 0.50ml untagged tubes Loborack-96 saves between 35% and 50% of your storage space.

Superior features:

• The 0.50ml tubes have a gross volume of 0.50ml and a net volume of 0.27ml (pressure caps) and 0.19ml (screw caps)
• The tubes have a conical bottom (V) on the inside and are very resistant to chemical solvents
• Suitable for automatic systems
• The tubes are unencrypted
• Production takes place in a clean room class 7
• The tubes are RNase / DNase and pyrogen free
• The tubes are made of the most pure polypropylene and thereby resistant to most organic solvents
• The 0.50ml screw cap tubes can be used with Micronic pressure caps (TPE or EVA) or screw caps
• The tubes are supplied in a blue Loborack-96 with twist-lock (prevents guards from rotating during shutdown with a screw)

We offer you the following article with 25% discount!

Article number: MP32041
Item Description: 0.50ml untagged tubes (for screw cap) with V-bottom; Twist Lock; in blue-Loborack 96-25% discount

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MP32041 0.50ml Non Coded Screw cap Tubes V-bottom Twistlock in Blue Loborack-96 - 25% off Offer