Tubes with internal thread

0.50ml Tubes >
For storage of small volumes
0.75ml Tubes >
For economical storage of samples
1.10ml Tubes >
The best volume to store your samples in
1.40ml Tubes >
The most used size tube
2.00ml Tubes >
Combines high capacity with absolute traceability
2.50ml Tubes >
For larger volumes in 96-well format
4.00ml Tubes >
With a large working volume of 2.70ml
6.00ml Tubes >
For storage of large volumes of solid or liquid substances
Special Tubes >
For special samples or applications

Tubes with Internal Thread

In the laboratory, a variety of tubes are used for different applications. There are tubes with internal threads, hybrid tubes, and external thread tubes.

Key Features

Our catalogue of tubes includes storage for small volumes, economic storage for your samples, the ideal volume to store your samples, the most popular tubes, high capacity with ease of sample tracking, 96-well formats, large volumes, and specialized tubes.

Internal thread tubes are superior for sealing storage tubes at ultra-low temperatures. Other features include:

  • Alphanumeric codes, 2D codes, and 1D rack codes with permanent laser etching
  • Human-readable 2D codes
  • Stringent quality control standards on all 2D codes
  • Bulk ordering and Roborack-96
  • Free of RNAse/DNase and Pyrogen
  • Produced in a class 7 clean room
  • 2K injection molding technique creates an inseparable bond between the black code surface and the transparent tube


We offer a full range of tubes with internal threads for the convenient storage of our samples. Our available tubes with internal threads include:

  • 0.50 mL Tubes
  • 0.75 mL Tubes
  • 1.19 mL Tubes
  • 1.40 mL Tubes
  • 2.00 mL Tubes
  • 2.50 mL Tubes
  • 4.00 mL Tubes
  • 6.00 mL Tubes

For more information about tubes with internal threading, browse our catalogue of tubes for sample storage or reach out to our team today!