20um Heat Sealing Foil - colour code GREEN - 100 sheets >
Pierceable High temperature Microplate Heat Seal
38um Heat Sealing Foil - colour code BLUE - 100 sheets >
Peelable and Piercable Microplate Heat Seal
70um Heat Sealing Foil - colour code RED - 100 sheets >
Solvent Resistant Microplate Heat Seal
75um Heat Sealing Film - 100 sheets >
Clear Microplate Heat Sealing Film
105um Heat Sealing Film - 100 sheets >
Clear Microplate Heat Sealing Film
96 Square Well Silicone Sealing Mat >
Easy press fit into the wells
Thermal sealing film >
Strong heatseal bond
BaaySCI Plate Seals >
Economical and Efficient


At diaago, we stock an array of heat seal foils and films to protect the integrity of your samples. We offer cost-effective, high-quality products from trusted brands like Vitl Life Science Solutions and Irish Life Sciences (ILS) that specialize in creating consumables for scientists and lab professionals.

In our online catalog of products, you will find:

  • Aluminum heat sealing foil

  • Heat sealing film

  • Thermal sealing film

  • Silicone sealing mat

There are options available for a wide range of temperatures that are either pierceable or peelable. We also offer variable temperature and heat sealers for use with these products.

Heat Seal Plastic Film

When your samples' optical clarity is paramount, you may opt for sealing film instead of foil. It offers moderate solvent resistance and can be used for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) microplates. Our clear sealing films are also suitable for PCR at 110°C. Both pierceable and peelable options are available. These are sold in packs of 100 sheets, with each sheet measuring 125mm x 80mm.

Foil Heat Seals

Our aluminum foil heat seals are available in thicknesses ranging from ultra-thin 20um to heavy-duty 85um. Each type is color-coded for your convenience. They are effective at a wide range of temperatures. The 20um sealing foil is an excellent choice for high-temperature microplate seals, and is able to withstand up to 120°C, while the 85um option can be used at frigid temperatures of -200°C. The 38um heat sealing foil is both pierceable and peelable; however, it can only be peeled from Polystyrene (PS). These are sold in packs of 100 sheets, with each sheet measuring 125mm x 80mm.

Adhesive Well Plate Sealing Film

Our adhesive sealing films offer the utmost clarity in viewing your samples without compromising their integrity. The adhesive will not touch your samples. This is a beneficial option when you are not using heat to seal your samples. 

Silicone 96- Well Plate Sealing Mats

When you are searching for a reusable lidding option for your well plates, we recommend using silicone sealing mats. We have sealing mats available to fit round, square, and PCR 96-well plates. The lidding options are pre-slit to aid with the use of pipette tips. There are also options that can be punctured. With no adhesives or extractables, they are suitable for storage applications with more aggressive solvents and can withstand numerous cycles.

Find Plastic Film, Foil Heat Seals, and More at diaago

At diaago, we are proud to offer all of the materials you need for your lab, from sealing films and foils to deep well plates and freezer racks. We aim to serve you by helping you select the optimal solution for your specific application, allowing you to spend less time searching and more time doing the things that truly matter. If you have any questions about our products or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us online or by phone.