10.0ml 24 Square wells V bottom
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ILS 96-deepwell storage plates are high performance plates produced in our cleanrooms that are certified for medical device assembly.  They are manufactured in pure virgin medical grade polypropylene (PP) with class leading low levels of extractible element detection when tested on Time of Flight GC-MS instruments by a leading national test facility.

Superior features:

  • Maximum Volume of 10.0ml
  • Square well with ‘V’ bottom for maximum liquid extraction.
  • High uniformity from well to well
  • Raised well rims for reliable closing with heat sealing.
  • Easy and reliable stacking
  • Good centrifugation stability up to 6,000 × g for faster protocols and improved sample quality
  • Manufactured under DNase/ RNase free environment without slip agents, plasticizers or biocides – Materials which could have a negative effect on bioassays
  • Pure, virgin polypropylene guarantees good extractible performance, high resistance to chemicals, good mechanical stress and working with temperature extremes
  • Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min)
  • Available with barcode.
brand Partner Irish Life Sciences
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