Attenuating Gloves

Attenuating Gloves

F&L Attenuating Gloves protect technician’s hands from scattered beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures. Recent studies have demonstrated that the radiation exposure during any fluoroscopic procedure could be more than four times the exposure of other parts of the body.

Thicker protective gloves can lead to finger fatigue when worn for prolonged periods, but F&L’s Attenuating Gloves are thick enough to offer protective coverage without compromising flexibility, manual dexterity, and sensitivity to touch.

In addition to attenuating gloves, you can browse our selection of collection tubes and cuvettes.


Composed of a lead-free, non-latex, synthetic rubber formulation, BioSmith Attenuating Gloves avoid both the proteinaceous sensitivities associated with natural latex, as well as EPA heavy-metal toxicity disposal concerns.

At a nominal 9 mils in thickness, BioSmith Attenuating Gloves offer excellent flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity. The thinness also helps reduce finger fatigue. 

Available in sterile, ready-to-use individual packages in the following sizes:

  • Size 6½
  • Size 7
  • Size 7½
  • Size 8
  • Size 8½
  • Size XL

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