Micronic Code Reader Software
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We developed our Micronic Code Reader Software in-house to optimize the compatibility of 2D coded tubes, Micronic Rack Readers, automated workflows and LIMS systems. All features in the Micronic Software are included as standard at no extra cost with free upgrades and technical support. 

The new Micronic Code Reader Software features an automatic re-read function that ensures all the codes in a rack are deciphered quickly. The re-read function reduces downtime in automated workflows. After a rack is scanned, each cell contains a high-quality image of the code and tube ID, as well as a 'no tube, no code' feature if a tube cannot be found. Additional useful features include adjustment controls for brightness, contrast and threshold to optimize tube code display. Furthermore, the new Micronic Code Reader Software features an automatic code polarity recognition function, which allows users to scan white on black code surfaces and black on white code surfaces. This feature enables users to read 2D codes from black and white surfaces without changing settings. 

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