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COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Units

As vaccine availability for COVID-19 increases and vaccination initiatives have become the primary focus of the healthcare industry, it is vital for medical facilities to have cold storage units to store vaccines at the correct temperatures. diaago provides a wide range of COVID-19 vaccine cold storage units that can assist your facility in effectively keeping the different types of vaccines now available from various manufacturers.

We can supply cold storage units that can maintain temperatures as low as -86 degrees C. We also carry storage boxes that can safely work with most freezer configurations found in laboratories nationwide.

Ultra-Cold Storage Units and Equipment

By now, most of us are aware that some COVID-19 vaccines require cold storage to maintain their effectiveness. Ultra-cold storage units allow your lab to store COVID-19 vaccines in an environment that will facilitate their long-term viability. Equipped with configurators to allow variable temperature layouts, our available cold storage units will reduce the chances of COVID-19 vaccine spoilage. We also supply compatible racks and cryo handling freeze boxes to assist in the safe storage of your COVID-19 vaccines.

 diaago has the supplies your laboratory or medical facility needs to safely store and handle these vaccines crucial in the fight against COVID-19. For more information about face shields or other COVID-19 related laboratory supplies, please feel free to contact us.