Pipette Leak Testing Unit

The most common cause of inaccuracy of your pipettes is leakage. The Brand Pipette Leak Testing (PLT) Unit reveals even the smallest leak of your pipette within seconds.

Superior features:

  • The PLT Unit has preset limit values for commercially available single and multichannel pipettes in the volume range from 1μl to 10ml
  • Daily testing your pipettes out of precaution in the periods between calibrations ensures a significant improvement of your process
  • The PLT unit detect even the smallest leaks that are not visible to the naked eye
  • Features an interactive menu (with sub-menus such as, pipette type, volume range, self-test, settings et cetera) which shows if the pipette is leakage free or does not meet the requirements
  • To test single and multi-channel pipettes, with or without pipette tips
  • Test results within a few seconds
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
B703970 Brand Pipette Leak Testing Unit 1 unit 1 Offer
B703975 1-channel pipette adapter - with tip mounted 1 unit 1 Offer
B703976 1-channel pipette adapter - without tip mounted 1 unit 1 Offer
B703977 4- channel pipette adapter - with and without tips mounted 1 unit 1 Offer
B703978 Filters for pipette adapter 10 unit 1 Offer
B703979 Universal AC adapter 1 unit 1 Offer