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Choosing a homogenizer for your laboratory can be a significant investment. That’s why at diaago, we work to get to know your needs so that we can help you choose the best equipment for your lab. We offer a selection of versatile homogenizers that will meet both your needs and budgetary requirements.

Purpose of Homogenization

Homogenization is an essential process for many types of labs, especially those in biology and pharmacology. By breaking down a sample into tiny, uniform pieces, a single particle more accurately reflects the sample as a whole. The final product will also be more stable and have a longer shelf life. Scientists use homogenizers for the following purposes:

  • Reduction in Particle Size: Making the particles of your sample smaller makes it easier to produce things such as resins, creams, and adhesives while guaranteeing that they will work.

  • Lysis of Cells: Molecular and cellular biologists often need to break down the cell wall or membrane so that they can complete further study and experimentation. 

  • Destruction of Pathogens: As a result of the high speed at which homogenizers operate, they may be able to kill microorganisms present in a sample.

  • Consistency of Emulsions and Dispersions: For anything that requires a consistent appearance or texture, using a homogenizer is the ideal solution to ensure that a substance will be able to readily combine with another substance.

Bead Mill Homogenizers

There are various types of homogenizers, but one of the most common is the bead mill, or bead beater, homogenizer. This device uses small beads in order to break down your sample. There are beads available in various sizes and materials. Some of the most common materials used for beads include:

  • Steel

  • Tungsten steel

  • Ceramic

  • Glass

The material that you select will depend on the application. 

Common Applications for Homogenizers

Some common applications for homogenizers include breaking down the following types of samples:

  • Yeast and bacteria

  • Inorganic materials

  • Hard tissues and other biological samples

Finding the Right Mixer for Your Lab

When searching for the right homogenizer for your lab, you will need to determine which type of mixer is best suited for the work that you do. If space is a concern, you will want to find a homogenizer with a small footprint. You will also need to consider whether the temperature of your samples is a factor, as some mechanical homogenizers may make your sample too hot. Other mixers may have adapters that allow you to use cryogenic cooling.

Find Bead Beaters and Other Homogenizers for Your Lab at diaago

It’s our mission at diaago to help you procure all of the equipment and other supplies that your lab needs to continue to do valuable work. Rather than spending hours scouring the web for what you need, our team is happy to assist you with finding everything you need. In addition to homogenizers, we also have several solutions for automation and sample storage. For any inquiries about our products, please feel free to contact us online or by phone.