CappAero Comfort
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Are you looking for a pipette which reduces the load on the thumb? We offer you the CappAero Comfort; a single channel pipette which reduces the workload of the thumb with 70%.

Superior features:

  • The unique design of the CappAero Comfort reduces the load on the thumb to 70% compared to other manual pipettes
  • This is made possible by the innovative design of the external handle for the shedding of tips which are not controlled by the thumb, but by the entire fist
  • Reduces the force required for the suction and pipetting of liquids to an absolute minimum
  • When the efficiency and the accuracy of the work of users increases, the fatigue can be greatly reduced by this ergonomic solution
  • The handle is covered with rubber
  • Several volume knobs are available
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
CA021 Capp pipette, variable vol. 0.2-2 ul, ecopipette (lenght as C10-1) 1 unit 1 Offer
CA101A CappAero pipette, variable volume 0.5-10 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA201A CappAero pipette, variable volume 2-20 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA501A CappAero pipette, variable volume 5-50 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA1001A CappAero pipette, variable volume 10-100 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA2001A CappAero pipette, variable volume 20-200 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA10001A CappAero pipette, variable volume 100-1000 ul, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer
CA50001A CappAero pipette, variable volume 1-5 ml, Comfort 1 unit 1 Offer