CappRondo Magnetic Stirrer

CappRondo Magnetic Stirrer is a compact device that works at a maximum speed of 1500rpm. It is manufactured with robust stainless steel top surface to resist moderate contamination of harsh chemicals. The adjustable speed and timer function can be set and monitored on a modern real-time digital display..

Superior features:

  • Adjust speed and timer
  • Last run memory feature
  • Pulse mode works for 30 seconds on each direction, for an improved mixing
  • Water spill resistant – IP 65 compliant
  • Slim profile – only 16.5mm thick
  • Touch control pad and digital display
  • Flat surface for ease of cleaning
  • Maintenance free


CappRondo Magnetic Stirrer

Maximum speed


Speed setting

15 to 1500rpm (increments of 50rpm)

Load capacity


Recommended stir bar length



124 x 191 x 16.5mm


600 grams

Pulse function


Timer function

1 to 99 minutes and infinite mode

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CRS-15X * Capp Rondo Magnectic Stirrer 1500rpm w/ adjust. speed and timer 1 unit 1 Offer