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Automated Laboratory Equipment

diaago offers a wide range of automated laboratory equipment to assist laboratories in research processes by eliminating work redundancies and reducing the possibility of errors during storage, labeling, and testing procedures. Through the utilization of diaago’s automated laboratory equipment, your lab will be able to decrease inefficiencies and accelerate workflow.

Benchtop Automation Equipment

Benchtop automation equipment provides two main advantages when implemented in a laboratory environment. It enables a researcher to reduce the space needed for equipment and provides automation processes to reduce the time spent performing tasks traditionally done by hand or non-automated equipment.

Pipette Leak Testing Units

Designed to eliminate reporting inaccuracies, the pipette leak testing unit can effectively test your pipettes for leakage. With the ability to test for non-visible leaks, a pipette leak testing unit is essential to any laboratory that wants to significantly reduce the chances for inaccurate readings. Our pipette leak testing unit can detect the smallest leaks within seconds and test both single and multi-channel pipettes. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment comes with an interactive interface that allows multiple settings to be used during testing.

Homogenizer Laboratory Equipment

The process of homogenization is used in laboratories to break down a sample into multiple tiny structures for examination. A single particle provides a precise picture of the larger sample. A homogenized sample also has an extended shelf life allowing it to be utilized for a longer period.

Homogenizer laboratory equipment has multiple applications and can be used on bacterial colonies, inorganics, tissues, and other biological samples.

Laser Marking Machines

The ability to accurately label samples is a foundational element in all laboratory research. Without adequate labeling, samples can be misidentified and lose their integrity, costing data, time, and money. A laser marking machine can effectively eliminate the need for manual labeling through automated processes, ensuring your samples are permanently marked with laser etching for easy identification.

For more information about diaago’s automated laboratory equipment, please feel free to contact us!