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Everything you would need to set up your lab. Based on our monthly Lab Essential Highlights.
Lab essentials tubes december

Tubes, tubes, and more tubes!

We carry a wide variety of tubes, what kind does your lab use and need? Cryogenic, sample storage, light sensitive, or transport?
Nov 30 2022 Read More
Shake it up 1

Shakers are an essential for liquid handling

We are shaking things up this month with shakers. Our November Lab Essentials are the Microplate Shaker, Multipurpose Shaker, Mini Orbital Shaker, Benchtop Incubator Shaker, Large Capacity Orbital Shaker and the AEOLUS Compact C02 Incubator Shaker.
Oct 31 2022 Read More
Thawing stations

Thawing Systems - Controlled Thawing

The SPL Guard Arizona, the SPL Guard Florida, are thawing systems that your lab needs!
Oct 27 2022 Read More
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