50mL Indiv. Wrap Centrifuge Tubes

Artikelnummer: BY287C2650-W
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Centrifuge Tube, 50mL, PP, sterile, individually wrapped, 300/cs

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50mL Indiv. Wrap Centrifuge Tubes Features

BaaySCI has revamped its 50mL Centrifuge Tubes with individual sterile packaging, ensuring each tube remains pristine until the moment it's needed. Gone are the days of dealing with open bags or racks of tubes; now, each tube comes in a convenient peel pack. Made from premium polypropylene, these tubes are not only durable but also offer excellent clarity for easy sample visibility.

These tubes can be frozen at temperatures as low as -86°C and can withstand high centrifugal forces, with the 15mL tubes supporting up to 12,000xg and the 50mL tubes up to 15,000xg. The flat-top screw cap allows for easy labeling and marking, while the tubes themselves feature high-contrast graduations and a white "frosted" marking area for clear sample identification.

In addition to their durability and clarity, these tubes are also sterile, DNase, RNase, and pyrogen-free, ensuring the integrity of your samples. Each tube is leakproof, capable of withstanding up to 95 kPa/14psi. The individual wrapping not only maintains sterility but also makes these tubes easy to store and transport.

Whether you're working with sensitive samples or need reliable centrifuge tubes for your laboratory, BaaySCI's 50mL Centrifuge Tubes are the ideal choice, offering both convenience and quality.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material: Made from premium polypropylene, these tubes provide excellent clarity and strength, essential for high-performance centrifugation.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Both tubes and caps can be safely frozen at temperatures as low as -86˚C, making them versatile for various applications.
  • High Centrifugal Force: These 50mL tubes can withstand centrifugal forces up to 15,000xg, suitable for even the most rigorous laboratory protocols.
  • Convenient Design: Featuring flat screw caps with a smooth surface for easy marking and labeling, ensuring clear identification of samples.
  • Sterility Assured: Each tube is sterile and free from RNase, DNase, pyrogens, and cytotoxins, ensuring sample integrity and preventing contamination.
  • Stable and Secure: Cat. No. C2605 includes a ‘skirted’ bottom design, allowing the tube to stand upright without the need for a separate test tube rack.
  • Compatibility: These tubes are compatible with standard rotors, making them a versatile choice for your laboratory equipment.
  • Frosted Marking Surface: Each tube includes a frosted marking area for easy writing and identification, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Packaging Details:

  • Convenient Packs: Comes in 20 bags of 25 tubes each, totaling 500 tubes per case, providing ample supply for your laboratory needs.

Choose BaaySCI 50mL Centrifuge Tubes for your laboratory and experience reliability, convenience, and superior performance with every use.

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