Oxford Lab Products

Oxford Lab Products is dedicated to providing labs with high-quality and reliable equipment, including pipettes, centrifuges, and vortexers. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and precision, offering cost-effective solutions for laboratories seeking top-tier performance.

About Oxford Lab Products

Oxford Lab Products is renowned for delivering unparalleled reliability and quality in laboratory equipment. Their range of products, including pipettes, centrifuges, and vortexers, is designed to elevate lab performance to new heights. Each product undergoes rigorous testing before reaching the market, guaranteeing durability and precision that will serve labs for years to come.

With a focus on innovation and technical excellence, Oxford Lab Products is committed to keeping laboratories at the forefront of research. Their end-to-end experience, from factory to distribution to end-user, ensures a seamless process and unbeatable performance. Experience the difference with Oxford Lab Products and discover how they can transform your laboratory operations.

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Pipette tips ltr

Pipette Tips (LTS/XLS)

Oxford Lab Products LTR Pipette Tips are engineered to be suitable for single channel and 8 or…