Novitain specializes in providing labware and equipment for sample preparation and processing, offering products like blank round bottom tubes, high-density Grid Racks, and various caps. Their labware is manufactured in a class 7 clean room, ensuring quality and suitability for day-to-day lab operations.

About Novitain

Novitain is a leading provider of labware and equipment designed to streamline sample preparation and processing workflows. Their product range includes blank round bottom tubes in a 96-well format, Grid Racks, and caps available in strip, mat, or cluster formats. These products are manufactured in class 7 clean rooms, ensuring they are free from RNase or DNase contamination, making them ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications.

Novitain's commitment to quality is reflected in their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, guaranteeing high-quality and consistent products. With production facilities in Europe and the United States, Novitain ensures short delivery times and continuous availability, making them a reliable partner for laboratories seeking efficient and reliable labware solutions.

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Novitaincapband N20201 01

EVA Capmat and Capstrips

Aa cost effective way to securely close sample storage tubes with in a 96-well format. The EVA…
Novitaingridrack50 N30200 01

50-well Format Rack

The light-weight Novitain Rack positions 50 sample collection tubes in such a way that it is…
Novitaingridrack96 N30150 01

96-well Grid Rack

The sample storage Grid Rack 96 can hold 96 (8×12) individual 1.40ml round bottom…
Novitainmanualcappermc1 N40020 01

MC1 Manual Capper

The Novitain Manual Capper MC1 offers a cost effective way of applying uniform…
Novitainmanualcappermc2 N40150 01

MC2 Manual Capper

Seal 50 sample collection tubes at once! The capper operates as a stand-alone…
Novitainelectriccapper N40200 01

Electric Capper MC3

The Electric Capper MC3 can cap the following Push Caps on 96-format tubes with internal thread…