IVUS specializes in providing superior consumables for the hygienic collection, precise handling, and secure storage of biological fluids, offering cost-effective solutions with CE marking and IVDR certification.

About IVUS

: IVUS, a division of In Vitro A/S, is a Danish company known for its commitment to innovative and cost-effective solutions in the field of biological fluid management. With a focus on user-friendly products, IVUS ensures compliance with the highest standards while providing reliable and efficient options for researchers and laboratories. Their range of consumables is designed to meet the needs of modern laboratories, offering CE marking and IVDR certification for added assurance. As a trusted supplier, we carry IVUS products to support our customers' research and experimentation needs.

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IV 8005 all tubes

Cryo Tubes (External Thread)

Available in .5 ml, 1 ml, 2ml, 4 ml, 5 ml Convenient and accessible to…
Ivusurinekit IV 1020 01

Urine Vacuum Tube Collection Kit

Developed to simplify and facilitate clean, hygienic and sterilized urine collection for regular…
IV 1001

Urine Collection Kit

Easy to hand out for laboratory staff and very user friendly for the patient. These urine…
Ivusurinecollection IV 1040 01

Urine Collection Tank

Simplify and facilitate clean urine collection for regular and advanced testing with this 24…
Ivussampletubes IV 2001 01

Collection Tubes For Biological Fluids

User friendly collection tubes for biological fluid from IVUS. Perfect for urine sample…
IV 8210 05 N colors

Freeze Boxes

Store your precious cryo samples in this 10 x 10 cryo box. Available in red, blue, white,…