ARCTIKO is a leading provider of cutting-edge temperature-controlled storage solutions, specializing in high-quality freezers and refrigerators


ARCTIKO, a pioneer in temperature-controlled storage solutions, empowers global industries with its cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Renowned for precision engineering, they serve laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech firms, offering high-quality freezers and refrigerators that excel in preserving samples, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.

With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, ARCTIKO improves operations and promotes a greener future. They are trusted for redefining standards and offering bespoke solutions for demanding environments. Partnering with ARCTIKO ensures uncompromised quality and peace of mind.

ARCTIKO's vision is to become the premier partner for delivering advanced and tailored cooling and freezing solutions, primarily serving the healthcare and life science sectors globally. They pride themselves on their commitment to delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge custom solutions.

As a supplier of ARCTIKO products, we are dedicated to delivering these innovative solutions to our customers. Partner with us and experience the precision, performance, and reliability that ARCTIKO products bring to your industry.

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LFE 285-US Freezer

FLEXALINE™ UPRIGHT BIOMEDICAL FREEZER Upright Capacity 10.06 ft3 Range -25…
LFE 60 Website 800x463 2

LFE 60 - US

The LFE 60-US counter top freezer offers the superior features required for biomedical…
PRE 125 Front Facing 800 x 463px

PRE 125 Small Undercounter Refrigerator

Discover the PRE 125 Small Undercounter Refrigerator, perfect for pharmaceutical applications.…
PRE 285 1 Website Modified 800x463 2

PRE 285 Medium Upright Refrigerator

PRE 490 1 Website Modified 800x463 2

PRE 490 Medium Upright Refrigerator

Discover the ARCTIKO PRE 490-US upright fridge, designed for pharmaceutical excellence.…