Agilebio LabCollector

AgileBio, founded in 2002, specializes in developing LabCollector, a unique LIMS and ELN software aimed at enhancing research productivity and traceability for scientific teams in academic and commercial settings.

About Agilebio LabCollector

AgileBio, the brainchild of Pierre Rodrigues, Ph.D., is the result of years of experience in biology and informatics. It began with MBS (Molecular Biology Shortcuts) in 1998, a pioneering portal for scientists. The success of MBS led to the launch of JustBio.com in 2002, aiming to modernize online tools for informatics and biology.

AgileBio's mission is to provide collaborative tools that enhance research productivity and traceability for scientific teams. LabCollector, their flagship product, is an Intranet-based software that allows centralized management of lab data, facilitating efficient information sharing and access. AgileBio also offers customized IT solutions tailored to the needs of competitive labs and companies.

With a focus on Open Source technologies, AgileBio excels in Perl, PHP, mySQL, and Linux, but also recommends other technologies as needed. This expertise ensures the delivery of original and powerful client/server solutions for bioscience labs, making AgileBio a trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of labs worldwide.

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LabCollector is a unique out-of-the-box Laboratory Sample Management System (LSMS) made for…