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With experience in laboratory operations, manufacturing, international supply chain, and best practices, we provide next-level insight and support. We offer a carefully curated selection of laboratory equipment, consumables, support services, and other resources to the research community. Our focus is on quality and consistency, so you can focus on results.
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Our Locations

diaago is a California based distributor of laboratory consumables, equipment, and automation servicing the life science community.

Along with our Headquarters in Danville, CA, diaago has warehouses and operations across the United States. We have a network of experienced salespersons across the country to provide in personal services and support, both USA and internationally.

We also have years of experience in international sales and procurement, wherever you have a need, we can partner with you.

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Our Commitments

We will go the extra mile to be involved in our community to develop closer relationships, easy and relaxed communication, and a relatable attitude. We’re always here to find what will work best for your lab’s specific needs, when your lab needs it.

We are focused on your success. That means along with providing consultation, we will follow up and provide support to make sure we’re doing all we can to help you with your work.

If your work is stressful, why add to it when ordering supplies? Our positive “can-do” attitude takes the worry out of your order.

Partners For Life
Our reliability = Your results
Our consistent service and support proves we are dedicated to your success.