MDZ Automation

MDZ Automation LLC is a privately owned and USA-based company specialized in laboratory automation.

They offer fully automated, user-friendly, and affordable liquid handlers and advanced robotic stations in addition to their engineering services. Thanks to thei knowledge, technologies, and low overhead, they are able to design and develop in USA, affordable and high quality laboratory instruments.

The founder, Eng. Mariano Ghiretti, has over twenty years of experience designing electronic products, embedded systems, and automated equipment for the fields of chemistry, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, laboratory automation, and industrial applications. This extensive experience allows us to cater to the specific needs of each customer with knowledge, care, and professionalism.

They are a team of experts committed to excellence and achieving the best results in the industry. They believe in developing innovative, reliable, and affordable products which will become part of the future of technology and research.

They are confident their instruments can help small and large companies alike, as well as universities and research centers to concentrate more on their work knowing that they are getting more consistent results/data, by reducing or eliminating human errors and increasing productivity.