Crystal Technology & Industries

Crystal Technology & Industries Inc (CTI) is strategically located in Addison, Texas. CTI is a rapidly growing company manufacturing instruments and supplies used in medical and scientific research. Their headquarters occupy 400,000 square feet of building space combining offices, manufacturing, R&D and warehouse fulfillment under one roof. They are committed to serving the research community with unmatched value and personalized service.

CTI’s goal is to provide total customer satisfaction with our products. They are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers by providing unmatched service and product value.

They utilize the expertise and skill of more than 40 professional engineers in their R&D department who maintain close relationships with several major life-science research institutions and hospitals to incorporate leading edge technologies into their products and keep abreast with the latest needs and issues facing their labs.

CTI’s team of quality control personnel and failure analysis engineers continually improve our products to ensure they are delivering the highest standards to your lab.